Get Those Toes Right!


Ladies lemme tell you something, if you put socks on at night and wake up with a hole in it, Its time for a pedicure! If you cant wear panty hose because of your pointy ass pinky toe, Its time for a Pedicure! If ya man now sleeps with shin gaurds , he really loves you but Its time for a pedicure. Dont neglect your feet ladies, pedicures should be an every two week treatment. Its hot outside, why are you wearing closed toe shoes, oh because it looks like you just finished a 5K run barefoot! Stop making excuses, pedicures are your friends and after you get a pedicure, vaseline and socks are your friends. Stop shredding your sheets because your too lazy to go get those wolverine toes taken care of!

Come On Now Mona….Really?


We have all fell deeply in love with the Love & Hip Hop Series but producer Mrs. Mona Scott Young may have bit off a little more than she was prepared to chew with this new show. Sorority sister was her new baby and the trailer was release about a week ago and snatched down from all Internets shortly after! The “Sorority Sisters” trailer highlighted members of Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho and the Greek community is not having it! So much so a petition has been drawn up online to completely stop the show from ever hitting the air. The petition was created by Reynoir Lewis and addressed to Viacom’s president and CEO Phillipe Dauman and President Barack Obama.

Here’s a little snippet of what the petition actually says….

“Stop the spread of ignorance and stereotyping of our beloved Black Greek letter organizations. Our founders amongst EVERY organization worked extremely hard to allow us to unite and flourish not only on college campuses, but as a people well beyond our college days, and Mona Scott-Young now threatens to demolish those aims and goals we all abide by.”
Whew! As a graduate of a Historically Black College, I totally agree with the petition. Everything does not need a reality show, we have left nothing to imagination anymore, we have to see it. Now im not knocking Ms Mona for trying but it just seems as if she is being a little money hungry and desperate for content. Who ever she chose to represent the organizations on the show would have had the responsibility of representing that Organization, so if that person did anything wrong or ratchet that would be associated with that Organization on a much larger scale. Im sure the people involved were not ready for that and im glad they pulled the plug. We have enough Stevie J drama we dont need aka, delta, sigma gamma rho, zeta drama too!

What The Hell Did Justin I Need My Ass Beat Bieber Say!!!!????


Ok see, I dont know what is going on but the world secretly hates Justin Bieber, they have too. He just cant be a normal 20 year old pop icon can he? smh its a shame too because while we look at that video of him using the N word and even remixing his own song we forget that racism never died. Whether you outwardly proclaim it or subliminally throw shade it will always be around. Why are we surprised that a young white boy among his white friends said a racist joke? Seriously why are we? Its happening right now as your even reading this, there is a person making a joke about someone of a different nationality and they are getting kicks out of it. But because its Justin Bieber we are stopping traffic for it? Lets be clear the video is old, lets be even more clear, He is signed under usher who just so happens to be black sooooooooo I wouldnt go so far as to call the little twit a racist, I just think he was being a 13 year old white boy among his friends. Not saying its right but im honestly not in any way shape or form effected by his comment. Consider the source, ITS JUSTIN BIEBER how much damage did he really cause in the world with that statement. I have a hard time dwelling on a situation that doesnt directly effect me so lets just stop because to upload an old video is just trully someone digging to keep him relevant. WOMP!!!!!



So I was at work this past week and an interesting topic swept through the office as it always does but this conversation in particular really frustrated the hell out of me. I was always taught to speak what you know, when you speak out of speculation or emotion without facts you tend to make yourself look like a dumb ass; they clearly were not taught the same because I was ready to pull my hair out after listening to some of these people. Some way or another we started talking about the Illuminati and if it was real, and how they knew it was real, and how people joined, and I couldn’t just sit there and allow them to fill the air with their open ended opinions on something they did not truly know about. People now a days watch a 7 minute you-tube video with nice graphics and pictures and consider it a credible source. I HATE THAT!!!!!!! Unless you have personally received a friend request from the Illuminati master, been in a meeting, or have your membership papers showing that you are a part of the Illuminati I would appreciate it if you just shut the hell up. The majority of the people that spend their time trying to defend their opinion on the topic are as ignorant as a new born baby and don’t even realize it. For whatever reason society has become obsessed with the success of other people so much so that they have discredited actual talent and convinced a generation that you must be a part of the Illuminati in order to be successful. WHY! Why couldn’t Beyonce’s life just be predestined for greatness, why did she allegedly have to sacrifice someone in order to reach stardom? I am not negating the notion I am simply saying show me the proof, and no one can do that. Let me see the rules and regulations of the Illuminati so that I can know without a shadow of a doubt that this is real. Some people allow themselves to be so consumed with something they know absolutely nothing about. In the office it was as if everyone had an opinion and could send me to the link but could not present concrete facts to back up their hole filled opinions painted with their own personal feelings. I had to walk away because to be honest, whether the Illuminati is real or not that is not helping me in my life at all. I still have bills to pay, and a brand to build but it just irked me to hear the conversation then to feel the tension once my “Where are the facts” statement was made, you could have cut it with a knife. So basically speak what you know, not what you heard or what you’ve speculated or just don’t say anything at all.

Toni Braxton Has Lost Her Mind!


Some things we should just seriously keep to ourselves and Ms Toni Braxton’s autism statement is one of them. She said growing up that the rule of thumb in her home as a kid was to “Shut your mouth and suppress whatever you feel,” well toni you should have done exactly that! In her new memoir Unbreak My Heart she reveals that she believes God gave her son autism as punishment for an abortion she had over a decade ago. Now when I first saw this I was appalled not only that she would be so open to sharing that but more so shocked and utterly disappointed that she believed that to be true. When dealing with matters of religion I truly believe things can become quite controversial but to say God punished you for such an act and did it in the form of autism to your son in my eyes I view it as your trying to draw some type of attention for your new memoir. I think it was tasteless and definitely something I would have kept to myself. Even as I am writing this I am at a loss for words because it opens up so many cans of worms its ridiculous.

To Snoop Or Not To Snoop That Is The Question..

Ahhhhh…the cell phone, a gift and a curse to most relationships isn’t it. Some say to leave it alone and respect their partners privacy, where as others feel it’s necessary to check their significant others phone. Well you know what I say, What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, but ignorance ain’t never been bliss. So basically in a nut shell, do what you feel! Too many times we allow society to dictate how we are supposed to do things. If we hear something negative tied to a female that checks her mans phone then immediately we disassociate ourselves so we aren’t judged because of what we do. Or if we hear that BEYONCE doesn’t snoop then we automatically consider it law and we won’t do it. Lemme tell you something, we live in a time where monogamy is frowned upon, or considered not as entertaining as playing the field so we have a multitude of people who have become selfish and and extremely secretive all for what. There was a time when we didn’t even had cell phones, then when we got them they became as popular as the bible! When cell phones first came out no one cared if you went through it, or if it was locked; that was then and this is now. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE WHAT IS WRONG WITH HAVING YOUR PHONE UNLOCKED WHILE YOUR WITH YOUR PARTNER? OR WHATS WRONG WITH HER GOING THROUGH IT? People always wanna pull the privacy card but if there is nothing incriminating there what’s the big deal. Nowadays people have their Instagram public but lock their phone, have sex unprotected but make sure that phone is locked, I don’t get it. Too many times people have been deceived by those who claim to be exclusive with them yet entertain people and situations that are detrimental to the relationship. I say if you have a feeling to look, LOOK, but if you feel comfortable in your position enough to where you could care less what’s in your significant others phone then touché. Just know that you are in control of your immediate happiness or unhappiness and if you choose to willfully walk in bliss then whatever happens is what’s due to you because you either allowed it or allowed it to continue….

2 Old Bitties Fighting Over Has Been…… #Sad


Well isnt this just sad….2 old bitties who have had their time of fame and stardum being messy for a has been ex nfl player who doesnt know what the hell he is doing with his life at the moment.

Thats right both Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore are at eachothers necks over Terrel Owens!…..I know……why?
The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star recently made headlines for stealing Fox’s phone and tweeting nasty messages about Vivica’s supposed menopausal issues which had me going crazy because one, how the hell did you even get her phone nutcase! SMH! According to a concrete source Kenya had a huge crush on Terrell a few years back, but he wanted nothing to do with her. For some reason Kenya blamed Vivica for screwing up her chances with Terrell. Neither woman is confessing to ever hooking up with Terrell, but the buzz on the set is that he slept with both women and that’s why there was so much drama between them. And don’t bother asking Terrell – he’s not saying a word. They are far too old for this drama! Kenya stealing phones, Vivica entertaingin has beens, just messy!

Wiz Khalifa Taking Jail Selfies


While T.I and Mayweather were throwing chairs at one another Wiz Khalifa let the world know his current situation. Wiz was arrested for possession of marijuana and while in the jail cell he took to twitter and said ” They’re tryna figure out how many grams I had on me, how ironic”. He was arrested in El Paso, TX, the same jail that arrested Paul Wall, Baby Bash, Willy Nelson and countless others for weed offenses. So apprently thats just where all the petty weed arrests are made. Who is the cop that didnt properly check wiz though? He had his entire phone posin in a jail cell lol do better El Paso police lol

Mayweather Vs. T.I.


Welp Mayweather isnt scheduled to fight until September but it went down In Vegas early this morning when T.I approached mayweather and apparently threw a punch at the famed boxer. Why? Well of course Tiny had to be in the mix someway some how. How you ask , we dont know but what we do know based on the videos we’ve seen all morning, Mayweather is screaming at T.I. saying, “Control Your Bitch”. Now that is all that has been released as of yet but my speculation is that maybe she was being a little too flirty and after T.I. straightened out his lady he went to talk to mayweather, things got heated and tip was ready to go to the ring. You saw both entourages throwing chairs and just causing a scene. First of all Tiny, with ya Ms Piggy lookin self what the hell are you doing being all flirty with mayweather anyways?????? You know he is a woman beater right? Your face cant take that go sit ya ass down smh

Congrats To Future & Ciara On Baby Future


Can I just say that I absolutely love these two together! They fit perfectly, at least they look like they do. Raise your glasses to the couples newest edition, Baby Future Zahir Wilburn. Ciara gave birth to her first child May 20th, Future’s fourth child…(side eye)….Regardless of how many children future has let’s raise our glasses and congratulate the new couple on a healthy baby boy!